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Today there are many different styles of dentures available on the market, some of which include Immediate dentures.
With each kind of denture style there are benefits with each. Different materials can be used to enhance the smile on a denture such as translucent material which wraps around the neck of the denture teeth, translucent pink denture bases where it can mimic the look of some blood vessels in the gums.


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First Immediate Dentures Appointment

During the first appointment, the dentures professional examines your mouth to make sure everything is healthy to wear a denture. Should there be a need for tooth extractions, dental impressions will need to be taken from both parts of the jaw.
This is so after the tooth extraction appointment has been completed, conventional dentures can be immediately worn.

This denture is similar to way a band-aid would work, where it would be used until the mouth has completely healed after the tooth extractions. The healing process takes up to six months to heal, then after the mouth has completely healed it will be time to get Jacksonville dentures.

In addition to the first appointment, the color of the gums and teeth will be decided upon for the future more permanent dentures.
The dental professional may discuss tooth styles, and color variations of the dentures gums which can improve cosmetic appearances.
Lastly, a general health evaluation may also take place to possibly offer the customer a prescription before the arrival of the tooth extraction appointment.

Extraction Appointment

Usually another person may be needed to take and pick up the patient at the Jacksonville dentures office, as prescription medicine may be taken before to reduce the pain during and after the extraction.

When the extaction is completed, a conventional denture will be given, and is to be worn while the mouth heals.

This denture is made to last a short period of time, as both teeth and dentures gums will wear quickly after several months of use. This temporary denture may also need several adjustments during the time when the mouth heals itself.

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Third Immediate Dentures Apointment

Once the mouth has completely healed, impressions from the upper and lower jaw will be required. This is where posterior and anterior dentures teeth will be added to the denture as it is made. There may be a need for additional visits to ensure the fit of the denture will work. Usually, a wax model is made with the denture teeth that will be used for the permanent denture.

Wax models are adjusted in the mouth to make sure the denture is as snug as possible. The wax model can be bent to fit the mouth correctly. Once the wax model has been adjusted, the denture then can be made.

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